The Dream Is Real

Howdy, and welcome to the Rat Race Rebel!! This was formerly Passive Monies, check out the name change announcement in this video:

I’ve been doing a mishmash of stuff online since I can remember. This mishmash really expanded when I realized I hated college and that working for someone else for the rest of my life was NOT my idea of fun.

After years of grit, sheer ignorance, and determination, I was able to make my dreams come true in 2016 and quit my job. I had moved up from social media manager to VP of Operations at a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, and there was nowhere else for me to go and grow.. except up and out. It took saving and back up money but now I’ve been out on my own for 2 years and don’t plan on working for others again.

I have never shared everything I do online.

Ever. I have shared bits and pieces here and there.. sometimes on anonymous blogs that don’t exist anymore.. sometimes without the full info on my Facebook… so this will be the first time that I’m teaching others what I know, more than ever.

If you really want to learn how to make money online (god I hate that this is my niche, so cheesy, but this is what I know best and it’s the best way I can help others in life, ha!!), you need to understand it will not be easy. It will not be fast. Despite the name of this site (it’s a long running inside joke about my internet dreams), nothing in life is free, so the only way that income is truly passive is when you’re not trading time for money. IT WILL TAKE WORK. IT WILL TAKE TIME. YOU WILL FAIL AGAIN AND AGAIN. But eventually you will be free because you have put in what it takes to live the lifestyle you want.

If knowing that doesn’t scare you off, and you are determined to make a living online, I will be showing you multiple ways to do so. The important thing is that you pick one and stick with it.

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