3 Reasons Why I LOVE Credit Cards & use them for ALL my purchases

3 Reasons Why I LOVE Credit Cards & use them for ALL my purchases

I LOVE My Credit Cards!

The 3 Reasons why I LOVE using credit cards. Using my credit cards for ALL my purchases changed my life!

Sounds a bit dramatic huh? The opportunities that my credit cards provided me allowed me to experience things I’ve only dreamt about. Let me explain my 3 reasons why I LOVE my credit cards & use them for all my purchases.

Two of my main loves are Travel & Personal Finance. My goal is to save, and invest as much money as possible during my prime earning years. Those personal finance goals are hard when you love to travel, & nearly impossible when you prefer to travel in first & business class on major international airlines!

Ok let’s get to the meat and potatoes!

1) All The Awesome Rewards!

I usually sign up for a new credit card every 3 or 4 months, but I don’t just sign up for any credit card, I look for the offers with the largest and best sign up bonus that fits my lifestyle (Which is Travel).

The Sign Up Bonus is where the magic happens, this is where you get your biggest bang for your buck & this is the main reason I LOVE my credit cards.

These bonuses which typically include frequent flier miles or reward points add up extremely fast, which allows you to redeem miles for 1st class or business class flights to anywhere in the world.

I LOVE Credit Cards
1st Class on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong- A $20,000 Ticket!

Since I’ve made the switch to use my credit cards for ALL of my everyday spend, I have flown on some of the world’s Best Airlines in 1st class not just once, but 5 different times all within the last 4 years. These are tickets that usually cost $20,000, & all I paid out of pocket was approximately $100 in taxes!

Racking up credit card points are extremely easy. Credit Cards usually have generous bonus categories to help you rack up points, so you can take those dream vacations that do not break the bank! I’ve traveled the world in luxury due to my credit cards.

So, all the points you can earn is reason #1 why I LOVE my credit cards.

Qatar Airways 1st Class w/ Unlimited Krug Champagne.

2) All the benefits that only a Credit Card Can Offer

Credit Cards have different consumer protection laws than debit Cards. Most of my credit cards offer many different types of benefits to protect me from fraud, and incidentals.

Each card varies in their benefits, so it’s important to know what card to use for what purchase. As I stated, I travel a lot- so most of my credit cards are geared towards travel protection: Here are just some of the benefits my credit card provides me when I use it for travel.

  • Trip cancelation protection
  • Auto Collision Damage Waiver
  • Baggage Delay Protection- They will pay me money if my bags are every delayed
  • Roadside Assistance- Unfortunately, I ran out of gas, or needed a flat tire changed more times than I would like to admit- and It’s all covered for FREE
  • Emergency Medical & Dental- When I’m abroad, it’s nice to know if I was injured, my credit card will protect me

Since, I travel a lot- One of the benefits credit cards offer is lounge access! It’s so nice to escape the madness of the terminal, and relax with a nice cold beer before your flight.

Lounge Access wth A credit Card
Washing Dulles Turkish Airlines Lounge (Courtesy of Priority Pass)

3) Track Spending/Build Credit

As I continue to pursue financial independence, probably via Coast Fire, managing my expenses and budget are extremely important to me. Credit Cards provide great tools to track your spending in each different category. This makes it easy to identify if you’re overspending in any particular area.

Credit Cards also help you build your credit and let’s face it. Your credit score is pretty important. And having a high credit limit helps increase your credit score. A good credit score can mean the difference between a half basis point, which could save you 10’s of thousands of dollars on any future house, or car.


If you’re organized and disciplined there should be absolutely no reason why you’re not using a credit card for everyday spend. Heck, if you’re going to spend money on everyday and monthly recurring costs like your rent, gas, groceries, you might as well get paid to spend your hard-earned money. Here is where I search for great credit card offers.

Do you use your credit card for everyday spend? Let me know your thoughts? If you do, what is your favorite card?

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  1. Ashley Schnell

    You may have just inspired me to kick the debit card and find the credit card with enough rewards to “travel my heart out.” I follow enough financial podcasts, that I get the how and why. However, seeing it in pictures is inspiring! Thanks for the nudge. PS. Isn’t living on the west coast great, if nothing else for the number of airports!? 😉

    1. theratracerebel

      Yes! Ditch theD Debit- You’re getting nothing in return. There are so many good choices out there to maximize your purchase power. Let me know which card you end up with. Yes, having access to LAX, SFO, and even SEA is so awesome. We’re sure to find a great flight. Thanks for the follow. I Hope you’re well.

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