3 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

3 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

There are way more than 3 things I wish I could tell my younger self, but these are the ones that I ponder about late at night.

The 3 things I wish I could tell my younger self, omit some of the obvious items like compounding interest, the lotto numbers & other topics that I self-thought topics wrote about, like the value of time.  So without further ado:

Take More Chances Professionally!

I wish I could have told my younger self to take more chances professionally! 

Is this job luck or a curse? I’ve had a job in corporate America since I was 21.  For 19 years I’ve followed the same path & climbed the corporate latter.  I did not take ANY chances professionally. I’ve been in the same industry since I turned 21 without a break & I’m burnt out.

I was happy following this leisurely path of “safety” until a few years ago when I realized there had to be more to life than sitting in an office for 10 hours a day.  I thought I wanted this life which was filled with high-end cars, materialist items, and weekend trips to Vegas throwing thousands of dollars down the toilet. Ugh, it still makes me sick to think about all the weekends from 21 to my mid 30’s that I spent in Vegas throwing money away.  🙁

3 Things I wish I knew Earlier
Stop thinking, just go for it.

Where would I be if I took more chances professionally? What would my life look like, if I had the guts to quit my job to travel the world a few years ago?

I wish I told my younger self not to get trapped by the lure of the golden handcuffs. It’s a trap! Run! Run Fast! 🙂

I wish I told my younger self to Live Simple

I was a victim of consumerism.  My parents did not have a lot of money, and they couldn’t afford to buy me the latest pair of Jordan’s or any clothes with the Ralph Lauren logo.

So when I started making my own money, and borrowing a lot of money via credit cards, I kind of went overboard. Sure the nice shoes, and clothes made me feel good- But that feeling would only last the night I first wore them, then I would have to buy something else to get that same rush. It’s a vicious cycle.

When I purchased my 1st home, I didn’t have to buy such a large home and furnish all the rooms with expensive furniture.  I was single, I did not need all that space, and the furniture just collected dust.

Consumerism got me bad

I am much happier in my small 1 bedroom apartment, than I ever was in my large house.  A few years ago, I sold my TV, and I never looked back. The past few years I’ve accomplished so much since I sold my TV (finished my degree, read numerous self-development books, and even learned WordPress to create this blog!). 

I could have saved a lot of money living below my means. I could have been near FIRE at this point in my life if I lived a simpler life in my 20’s and early 30’s.  Now I’m playing catch up.  I wish I told my younger self that living a simple life would provide me more happiness than any possession would ever give.

Stop thinking about what others think of you.

I wish I knew this earlier! But I cannot lie, I still struggle with this.  That’s why I’m still at my corporate job, and not living the life that I  truly want for myself, which is to travel the world and find something that is more meaningful to me.

You hear it all the time, to stop caring what others think. But why do a lot of us struggle with this powerful statement?  We have one life, why do we care what others think of our life choices so much? Who cares if you disappoint someone. The only person who we shouldn’t disappoint is ourselves.

So many people judge the decisions that others make, and I am guilty of this as well. Why do we care what other’s do with their lives, why do we all think we know the answers to life, when we may only know the answers to our own lives? I wish I told my younger self to ignore the opinions of others. They really don’t know what they think they know.

Conclusion: 3 Things I Wish I Told My Younger Self

What about you? Do you have any ‘3 Things I Wish I Told My Younger Self’ statements to share with me and other readers? We all need to be vulnerable, that’s how we grow. Share yours below.

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  1. Ben

    This is a great list. And you’re right, you could probably make this list a mile long. I really feel you on the “caring what others think” comment. That’s always been a problem for me. I care way too much about everyone else’s opinion. Good stuff! Look forward to reading your other content. We probably have a lot in common.

    1. theratracerebel

      Thanks Ben- Looking forward to supporting your journey, and sharing our experiences. We will try to catch up- Will be interested in what you’re long term plan is. I’ll check out your blog tonight.

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