Am I Too Old To Quit My Job & Travel!
Am I Too Old

Am I Too Old To Quit My Job & Travel!

Am I too old to quit my good job paying job & travel the world?  This is the question that runs through my mind almost every night, & honestly, I do not have the answer & it is so frustrating.  Somedays I think to myself  “Hell no you’re not too old”, but other nights my mind is screaming at me “Are you crazy, you are so lucky to have a good-paying job, continue to save!”  It’s like someone is playing tug of war with my thoughts, and nobody is winning- the game is going on forever.

“I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on Earth. Then I ask myself the same question”

Harun Yahya

I started this blog because I couldn’t find many bloggers who quit their good-paying job to travel the world. Sure, I’ve seen and read from thousands of good-looking, hard-bodied bloggers who quit their job, and found a way to make a living, and I am proud of each of them for living their dream.  But for those of us who have good careers & are on a traditional path of retirement- those blog posts just don’t resonate with us. Sure, they are fun to read, & give you great ideas where you would like to travel, but that’s all- It’s entertainment.

How did I get to the Point of wanting to Quit my Good Paying Job & Travel the World?

As I approach the big 40, I think about what I’ve done with my life. Maybe I didn’t take the traditional road, but the non-traditional road took me to the same boring place as most people. Feeling like I’m stuck in corporate America, & now trying to find a path to escape the rat race for good.

After high school, I just needed to make money- I hated the structure of school so I had zero interest in college (plus I was broke). So, I found an entry-level job in corporate America, the work came easy to me, but I also enjoyed the structure, so I worked harder.

After a few years, I even enrolled in college. I went to school in the evenings & on the weekends, not because I liked it (I hated it, & I still feel like I didn’t learn a thing) but I did it because I wanted to advance my career. I needed that meaningless (to me) piece of paper to validate to my managers that I am their man.  So, I earned a degree in Business Management just to fit in & grow a deeper role in corporate America.

But something changed over the past few years, it was 2014, when I took my first trip across the pacific. I am sure many of you can relate- you knew there was a different world out there, but when you see it with your own two eyes, it knocks your socks right off. During that trip I came to the conclusion I no longer wanted to be on this corporate ladder, spending 50-60 hours in a cubicle. I needed to see more of the world There had to be more to life than TPS reports.

But Am I too old to travel the world? & Quit My Good Paying Job?

The only thing that is holding me or anyone else back is ourselves. I am not saying that I or we should quit our job right now, but I am saying we should get moving. It has to start someplace, we need to create that momentum, and our age is not a valid reason not to get started. We are not too old to quit our job & travel the world. We need to find the answer to make our dreams a reality if my dream is to eventually get the courage to quit my job & travel the world, I need to start making MY dream a reality.  

The voice in our heads, that voice that is playing that endless game of tug of war with our emotions is what’s holding us back, not our age, that voice is not allowing us to be what we want to be. If I want to quit my job, and travel the world, I must do something about it.

Am I Too Old To Quit My Job & Travel
lPlan your Success

Sure, I can stay at my job another 20 years, & potentially live a very comfortable retirement when I’m 62 or older. I can live a safe & comfortable life, & I respect anyone who follows that route- shit, that was the route I was on for the past 15 or so years. And I still consistently struggle with fears & doubting my limits- I get it. Those endless thoughts of What-If

  • I run out of money?
  • What if I’m broke at 60?
  • What if I cannot find a way to make money while traveling? 
  • Am I too fucking old to be doing this now?
  • I must be crazy to quit my job!
  •  People will laugh at me
  • What if I fail

You’re never too old, Time is our most valuable commodity.

Fear is blinding- sometimes we just think about the limits and all those “What-If’s.  But if we consistently just think about the limits & those fucking “What-Ifs”, we’re just going to live within those limits, in that comfortable box that our own mind created, in that self-developed jail, and stuck in the rat race.

You’re never too old to live your dream- stop letting your fears & limits keep you from moving. Start moving in the direction that makes you happy, your happiness needs to win that game of tug of war. Know your worth, stay consistent, and take actions, so your dreams one day become reality.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s too risky for someone who makes a good living to quit their job & travel the world?

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  1. Kat

    I think it‘s the perfect time for you to quit and travel (once Corona is over). You can keep your expenses low to reduce the risk of money. Many countries have a low cost of living, so you could focus on traveling there. No point staying in a job if it‘s not making you happy.

    1. theratracerebel

      You’re right Kat. Just the battle of “Risk vs. Reward” But we do not get any second chances at this beautiful thing called-life.

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