Should I Quit My Job to Travel? OMG The Anxiety!

Should I Quit My Job to Travel? OMG The Anxiety!

Should I quit my job
Should I quit my Job to travel the World?


Hello, world! I guess I should start by introducing myself, my friends call me “Tee”, but online, and on social media platforms, I am The Rat Race Rebel. This is my 1st blog post, and my 1st website- so please have some patience with me as I figure it out. I really hope you guys engage with me, as I write down my thoughts, and fears about wanting to quit my job, and travel the world. Hopefully, some of you can relate!

I started this website/blog, because, over the past few years, I have this burning desire that I want to quit my job, travel the world, and be location independent, but every blog I find on Quitting your Job to Travel the World is written by someone in their 20’s or a blogger who just does not have the same concerns that I have. And if they do, they never shared them.

I am no longer in my 20’s, in fact, the roaring ’40s are coming at me very quickly. The bloggers who talk about quitting their job to travel are just in their 20’s, and even though I have so much respect for them, I just cannot relate to most of them any longer. I am not saying I have more to lose, but I think at my age I DO have more to lose. I’ll explain.

Closing in on 40!

Closing in on 40, we’re just at a different point in our lives, and our careers than any 20-something-year-old, and we should be. I’ve been climbing the corporate ladder for close to 20 years, and 4 years ago when I finally received that BIG promotion at my job to a senior leadership position, it hit me like a ton of bricks- I realized I didn’t want to be at the top of the ladder. When I was in my 20’s, that’s all I ever wanted, and dreamed about. Making a lot of money, living in a nice house, having a fancy car and clothes, but in my 30’s my life changed.

I gained perspective. I started asking myself “did I waste 20 years of my life, climbing this so-called ladder?” There has to be more than life than waking up at 5am every day, to spend 10 to 11 hours at work, and in meetings to live for those short few weeks of vacation time we earn. Do you ever sit in meetings, and think to yourself “I cannot do this another 20 years?” Well, that’s what I do.

There has to be away out

Don’t get me wrong- I am grateful that I have a career that allowed me to travel the world during my limited vacation time, to buy a house, to save and to invest- but my soul and heart just cannot take it anymore. I know there is more to life, more to MY life than sitting in a cubicle for 11 hours a day, and I know that many more people feel just like I do, there is has to be a way out of this rat race! There is an alternative to working 40 years in a cubicle. There has to be.

I want to enjoy my life now, while I am still somewhat young and able-bodied. The traditional life path is to travel when you retire, but will I be able to move like I can move today when I’m in my 60’s? Probably not, and don’t get me started on my retirement accounts. I think we all were reminded over the past few months, that our retirement accounts can lose 30% or more within a matter of days. Our 401K, IRA’s, Post-Tax investments are not guaranteed to be there when we retire.

Everything that you ever wanted is on the other side of fear”

George Addair

But making the decision to quit my job to travel the world keeps me up at night. The fear of the unknown keeps me from sleeping. If I quit my job, how will I make money? What about when I’m in my 60’s- and have little or no retirement accounts, what will I do? What if I Fail? Will I regret leaving a high paying job for the unknown? How much should I save before I make the jump?

anxiety, stress, depression


There is so much fear- but you know what, I believe George Addair said it best, he said: “Everything that you ever wanted is on the other side of fear”. Think about that for a moment, that is so powerful! If we really want what we say, will we be strong enough to overcome that fear? Are we strong enough to believe in ourselves?

I/we have to avoid the trap of thinking that we have something to lose. We have to believe we can do it, it doesn’t matter if no-one else believes that we can do it, all that matters is that we believe in ourselves. If we are focused, passionate, and results-oriented, we can achieve anything. Our time on this beautiful planet is limited, I cannot be stuck in this rat race, wasting my time and living someone else’s dream.

Things to do

I have plans, big plans. I want to island hop in the Philippines, I want to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, I want to eat all the delicious street food in Bangkok, the list goes on and on- but this life that I created for myself- it does not allow me the time to do all those things. Change must happen. I have to overcome the fear that I cannot make money remotely, and realize that everything will be ok.

Angkor Wat- Cambodia
Bucket List- Angkor Wat Cambodia


Follow my journey, as I share my thoughts about quitting my job to travel, as I share my fears, and how I plan to achieve my dreams of quitting the rat race, becoming location independent, and my pursuit of happiness.

This blog will be as honest as it gets, as it’s a medium to make sure that I am holding myself accountable for my life, and my goals- while remembering “dreams without goals, are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment”. -Denzel Washington.

Are you think thinking about quitting your job, and are having the same struggles? Comment below let me know what you are struggling with or what you are doing to make your dream a reality.

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