Singapore Airlines Business Class Review A350

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review A350

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review A350: This trip has been on the top of my “Travel to-do list” for a few years. With coronavirus disabling my travel plans (I should be on a flight to Hong Kong right now), I am just reminiscing about the good ole’ days:  So here is a quick trip report from a flight in late August 2019

So Excited! Just a 17 Hour flight on Singapore Airlines Business Class on their A350!

Most people would have nightmares about sitting through a 17-hour flight. But not me, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the night before so, I arrived (at my favorite airport in the United States, LAX) five hours early!

Singapore Airlines Business Classs
On my way….

Why Was I so Excited?

I typically earn & redeem frequent flier miles through American Airlines AAdvantage Mileage Program. That means when I fly internationally, I usually fly on a OneWorld Airline so I can earn miles that allow me to redeem for free flights. OneWorld Airline Partners that I usually fly include American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, & Qatar Airways.

Over the past few years, I flew with those airlines in 1st & business class, so I was eager to try something new. So off to Singapore via the gorgeous Singapore Airlines Business Class!

Why is Singapore Airlines A350-900URL So Special?

This beautiful aircraft does not have any coach/economy seats! The plane is only equipped with 161 total seats. 67 business class seats & 94 premium economy seats. Makes sense right? I mean this is a 17-hour flight- Aint nobody trying to sit in economy for 17 hours! 🙂

How did I book this flight?

You cannot book Singapore Airlines flights with American Airlines miles, so I had to tap into my Chase Ultimate Rewards point bank & plop down 95K Chase Ultimate Reward points for a one-way flight from Los Angeles to Singapore. This flight would typically cost $2500, so I was more than happy to use 95K Chase Points to fly in one of the best Airlines, in business class for 17 hours.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge: LAX

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge/Star Alliance Lounge LAX
Singapore Airlines uses the Star Alliance Lounge @ LAX

Singapore Airlines uses the Star Alliance Business Class lounge in the International Terminal of LAX (TBIT). I’ve only used this lounge one time in the past, a few years back when I flew to Taipei with EVA Air, & I remember having a pleasant experience.

Singapore Airlines Business Class
Fire Place @ Star Alliance Lounge LAX

The lounge did not disappoint.  Over the past few years, I had access (Thanks to my flying status with AA) to visit the Qantas First Class Lounge, the OneWorld Business Class Lounge, & the American Airlines Flagship Lounge at LAX- and the Star Alliance Lounge blows all of them out of the water in my humble opinion.  This is by far the best lounge at LAX- Hands Down!

Star Alliance Sports Lounge
The Sports Lounge @ Star Alliance LAX Lounge

The lounge is huge, with good hot food options. The lounge also is well equipped with a nice selection of beer, wine & champagne. But that’s not why I lOVE this lounge. The lounge has a sports theater room so you can catch up on your sports, & it has a beautiful outside patio fully equipped with fireplaces so you can enjoy a nice beer while plane spotting!  This is my happy spot when I’m not 35K miles in the air.

Singapore Airlines Business Class
Sweets Bar
The Bar @ Star Alliance Business Class Lounge @ LAX

Let’s Go: Time to Fly Singapore Airlines Business Class A350

Boarding began on time, at 11:40 pm, & I must give credit to the ground staff- They did a great job lining everyone up, to make it a speedy and efficient boarding process. I was first in line because I could not wait to get on board to soak it all in.

My Seat

After I booked my ticket, I did hours of research on finding the best seat on the plane. After extensive research, I’ve been told by reliable sources (The Internet) that seat 11K was the best seat on the plane. It was the 1st seat in business class, and it was much roomier because it was the bulkhead.

To my disappointed, Singapore Airlines blocks their bulkhead seats, & only lets their top status members reserve this seat. So I chose 15K. Oh well. 🙁

After I boarded, and the flight crew closes the doors, I noticed that seat 11K was open, so I asked the well-styled flight attendant, if I can move, and she said of course!   Singapore Airlines has a reputation to have one of the friendliest crew in the skies, and they sure lived up to it.  Plus, I love their traditional/Cultural uniforms- So Classy.

Singapore Airlines Business Class
Seat 11K
Singapore Airlines Business Class
Bed Mode!
Singapore Airlines Business Class
Leg Room for Days!

The Flight

Seat 11K did not disappoint! I mean look at all that space. This would be a 1st class seat on many other airlines. Some travel bloggers wrote that these seats were not too comfortable, so I was a bit worried prior to the flight. But you know what they say: “opinions are like A$$holes, everyone got one”,  and I had absolutely no problem getting comfortable and sleeping. 

When I fly to SE Asia- I always select a flight that leaves LAX around midnight- This allows me to sleep like a baby, and this flight was no exception. I slept a good 10 hours on the way to Singapore.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Food

Singapore Airlines Business Class
I Ordered the Steak

One of the best reasons to fly in Business Class is the food, and Singapore Airlines A350-900 Business Class has a special feature. It’s called “Book the Cook”  & it’s Singapore Airlines’ signature in-flight menu/dining program. This allows business class passengers access to an extensive menu before their flight. It truly is amazing and check it out, when you have the chance.  The food was truly amazing, not just for airline food.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Review A350: Conclusion:

This flight lived up to the hype. The food, the seat, & the amazing flight crew lived up to its’ reputation.  Yes, the flight is long, but I could have easily stayed in that seat a few hours longer if needed, that’s how much I enjoyed it.

Have you flown Singapore Airlines A350-900 Business Class? If so, did you enjoy it as much as I did? Or is this too on your bucket list?  Let me know your thoughts?

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