Where Should I Go? What An Opportunity!

Where Should I Go? What An Opportunity!

Where should I Go?  What an opportunity!  If you’re not the type of person to jump on airline websites, or follow travel blogs, you may have missed an amazing opportunity to travel to ALMOST any place in the world in Business Class (or Economy) on my favorite airline in the world.

Let Me Explain Myself

Due to the global impact of coronavirus, all airlines are struggling to attract passengers due to the uncertainty of our current environment. To help combat this, Qatar Airways recently announced a change to its rebooking policy to give passengers more confidence.

Where Should I Go?

What is Qatar Airways Doing?

Qatar Airways will provide passengers who book tickets by September 30th  with an unprecedented amount of flexibility if the passenger can complete their travel by the end of the year.

So, what this means is if you choose to travel internationally with Qatar Airways, you have the following flexibility with your ticket:

  • If you change your mind, and decide not to fly, Qatar Airways will let you hold your ticket.  You can keep your ticket & use it for up to two years from the date it was ticketed.
  • You can change your plans, ANYTIME & AS MANY TIMES AS YOU NEED. Qatar Airways is letting you change your destination and travel date FREE until the end of the year.  Airlines typically charge $200 to change your ticket.
  • If you change your ticket, you can fly ANYWHERE Qatar Airways flies, as long as it’s no more than 5000 miles from your destination. More on this below.
  • You can swap your ticket in exchange for frequent flier miles  (I advocate against this, not a great value).
  • If you decide to change your plans, Qatar will also let you exchange your ticket for a future travel voucher and give you 10% extra value.
  • & If your flight is canceled, rest assured, Qatar will give you a full refund.

So, Where should I Go With this Amazing Opportunity?

Here’s why this is such an amazing opportunity.  The other day I used Google Flights to search for the cheapest business class fare that Qatar Airways ran out of the United States.

I found a fare in November to Philadelphia to Kiev for just over $1600 in business class. An amazing deal for what I think is the best business class in the world, so I quickly purchased the ticket.

Where Should I Go?
Qatar Airways QSuites- Courtesy of K.Potter

Should I go to Kiev In November? Really? No Thanks. Next!

Sure, I would love to visit Kiev someday just not this winter. But my destination didn’t matter at the time of purchase. With Qatar Airways flexible rebooking option, I can rebook my flight to anyplace I want, as long as it’s 5000 miles from Kiev.

I now have an amazing opportunity: Here are just a few destinations under 5000 miles from Kiev that I can fly to with no change fees:

  • Athens, Greece (930 miles away)
  • Rome, Italy (1070 miles away)
  • Hong Kong (4750 Miles away)
  • Bangkok, Thailand ( 4590 Miles Away)
  • Seoul, South Korea (4510 Miles Away)

So Where Did I Decide to Go?

Well, if you read any of my previous blog posts, I’m in love with Southeast Asia, and one of my favorite places in the world is Bangkok. It’s just an amazing city, with quick & cheap flights down to the most amazing islands in the world.

Thanks to Qatar Airways flexible booking options, I called Qatar Airways customer service line & changed my November flight from Philadelphia to Kiev, and changed it to Los Angeles to Bangkok over Christmas. The LAX to BKK flight would have cost me $7542!

Where should I Go? What an Opportunity!
Price of Qatar AIrways Business Class LAX-BKK

What If Thailand Does not open It’s Borders By The End Of The Year?

Qatar Airways policy around this flexible ticket states that I need to travel by the end of the year. So what if Thailand does not open it’s borders by then?  Well, then it’s back to the drawing board and selecting a destination that’s within 5000 miles of Kiev, choosing a full refund, or using any of the options I listed above.

Conclusion: Where Should I Go? What An Opportunity!

Where should I go?  Where would you choose to fly? Did you book a ticket as well? Let me know in the comments below:

*Note while Qatar Airways still has this flexible policy, it looks like all the cheaper flights have been booked. But maybe you will still find a great deal.

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