Why Visit Japan? Because They May Pay You to Visit!

Why Visit Japan? Because They May Pay You to Visit!

*Update May 28 2020- This is a no go- The Japanese Govt Rejected the Plan

There are so many reason’s why to visit Japan, & a reason has never been because Japan would pay you to visit. We are living in interesting times!

But let’s face it, most travelers only get a few weeks off a year, & many want to travel places where their money stretches a bit further. Although, Japan is beautiful, It’s far from the cheapest place to visit. I’ve been there a few times, and it was tough to do it on a budget.

Well, this news may change your mind about visiting Japan.

Japan Is Looking To Pay Tourists to Visit!

Japan was not spared by the coronavirus, like pretty much every other country, tourism in Japan has been rocked by the coronavirus. The country suffered two major blows this year, as Japan was to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, which provides huge economic benefits for the county.

According to the Japan Times, April tourism to Japan dropped 99.9% year over year!

Wh Visit Japan
Japan- Amazing Food

The Japan Times recently reported that the Japanese tourism board hinted that the Japanese government was working on a plan to help boost tourism back to the struggling country by subsidizing up to half of the visitors’ travel expenses.

Although there are not many new details from the Japanese government on how this is going to work, sources inside the tourism board are suggesting Japan will shell out over $12 Billion to support this tourism plan.

When Can We Go?

Don’t book your ticket yet just yet. Sources from the news article state that “the program could start in July if novel coronavirus infections subside soon.”

Why Visit Japan
Eye Porn in Japan

As someone who has severe wanderlust, and who has been itching to travel, this may be a great option, especially if the Japanese subsidize up to 50% of my travel expenses.

Conclusion: Would You Travel to Japan?

If you ever asked yourself, “Why travel to Japan?” and you personally feel safe to travel, this looks like it could be a great opportunity.

Personally, I am just happy that countries are starting to have the conversation on when to open boarders, and how to do it safely. I would be really bummed if I’m unable to travel internationally the rest of the year.

Have you been to Japan? Would you consider Japan if they really do subsidize a portion of your travel expenses? Let me know below.

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